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CiE 2014 is the tenth conference organized by CiE (Computability in Europe), a European association of mathematicians, logicians, computer scientists, philosophers, physicists and others interested in new developments in computability and their underlying significance for the real world. Previous meetings have taken place in Amsterdam (2005), Swansea (2006), Siena (2007), Athens (2008), Heidelberg (2009), Ponte Dalgada (2010), Sofia (2011), Cambridge (2012), and Milan (2013).

The motto of CiE 2014 "Language, Life, Limits" intends to put a special focus on relations between computational linguistics, natural computing, and more traditional fields of computability theory. This is to be understood in its broadest sense including computational aspects of problems in linguistics, studying models of computation and algorithms inspired by physical and biological approaches as well as exhibiting limits (and non-limits) of computability when considering different models of computation arising from such approaches.

As with previous CiE conferences, the allover glueing perspective is to strengthen the mutual benefits of analyzing traditional and new computational paradigms in their corresponding frameworks both with respect to practical applications and a deeper theoretical understanding.

The conference will address these aspects besides the more established lines of research of Computational Complexity and the interplay between Proof Theory and Computation.

Novel views that rely on physical and biological processes and models to find new ways of tackling computations and improving their efficiency are welcome.  Also, massive data analysis and computations are a recent subject of attention, since the most recent technologies produce huge amounts of data, and managing such data requires some theoretical frameworks.

In all cases we are looking for fundamental and theoretical submissions. In line with other conferences in this series, CiE 2014 has a broad scope and provides a forum for the discussion of theoretical and practical issues in Computability with an emphasis on new paradigms of computation and the development of their mathematical theory.

We particularly invite papers that build bridges between different parts of the research community.

The Programme Committee  invites all researchers in the area of the conference to submit their papers for presentation at CiE 2014.  The best of the accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings within the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series of Springer, which will be available at the conference.


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Early registration deadline: April 23, 2014.

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