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Friday June 27


  Contributed talks
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9.00-9.25 C. Gratie and I. Petre
Fit-preserving data refinement of mass-action reaction networks
K. Lange, R. Miller and R. M. Steiner
Effective classification of computable structures
S. B. Cooper and J. Gay
Linear extensions of computably well-founded computable partial orders
M. J. Schroeder
Life, Mind, and Computation in Physical World: Search for Common Framework
N. S. Govindarajulu and S. Bringsjord
Proof Verification Can Be Hard!
9.30-9.55 K. A. Lázár
A Computational Model of XACML-Based Access Control Management in Distributed Networks
L. San Mauro
Towards a theory of computably enumerable graphs
E. Fokina, P. Semukhin and D. Turetsky
Degree spectra of structures under equivalence relations
A. Hernandez-Espinosa and F. Hernández-Quiroz
The Principle of Computational Equivalence in the Cognitive Science Realm
T. Ronel and A. Vencovska
Exchangeability in Binary Inductive Logic
10.00-10.25 P. Battyányi and Gy. Vaszil
Membrane systems and the chemical computing paradigm
M. Czarnecki, M. T. Godziszewski and D. Kalociński
Learnability Thesis does not entail Church's Thesis
Ch. Harris
On Maximal Block Functions of Computable eta-like Linear Orderings
S. McGregor
Reflexivity - The Flip Side of Embodiment?
E. Hermo-Reyes, J. Joosten and L. Jornet-Somoza
Principles for Graded Turing Progressions
10.30-10.55 M. Kovac
Using Inhibitors to Achieve Universality of Sequential P Systems
M. Cai, H. Ganchev, S. Lempp, J. S. Miller and M. Soskova
Kalimullin pairs and definability in the enumeration degrees
C. Brillowski
Elements of Self-Hosting Languages
U. Dal Lago and S. Zuppiroli
Probabilistic Recursion Theory and Implicit Computational Complexity
A. Achilleos
Modal Logics with Hard Diamond-free Fragments
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
  Special Sessions
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Online algorithms Bio-inspired computation Complexity in Automata Theory

Jiri Sgall

Online bin packing: Old algorithms and new results

Lars Wienbrandt

The FPGA-based High-Performance Computer RIVYERA for Applications in Bioinformatics

Artur Jez

Solving compressed (membership) problems by recompression


Kim Skak Larsen

Beyond Competitive Analysis - why and how

Claudio Zandron

Using Membrane Features to Compute

James Worrell

On the Ultimate Positivity Problem for Linear Recurrence Sequences

13.00-14.30 Lunch


Peter Grünwald

Universal Prediction

15.30-16.00 Coffee break

Invited talk

Eva Tardos

Games, Learning and the Price of Anarchy

17.00-17.15 Presentation of CiE 2015
17.15-17.30 Closing