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Tuesday June 24


  Contributed talks
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8.30-8.55 O. Ibarra, C. Cui, Zhe Dang and Th. Fischer
Lossiness of Communication Channels Modeled by Transducers
A. Kawamura and A. Pauly
Function spaces for second-order polynomial time
S. Murakami, T. Yamazaki and K. Yokoyama
On the Ramseyan factorization theorem
E. Hermo Reyes and J. J. Joosten
Competing Computations
Z. E. Csajbók and T. Mihálydeák
Maximal Parallelism in Membrane Systems with Generated Membrane Boundaries
9.00-9.25 D. Cenzer, J. Remmel and M. Minnes
Injection structures specified by finite state transducers
C. Bazgan, M. Chopin, A. Nichterlein and F. Sikora
Parameterized Inapproximability of Target Set Selection and Generalizations
P. H. Potgieter
Ramsey results for algorithmically random partitions of the rationals
P. van Emde Boas
Reconstructing games from stories; why we should want to do it and why it will be hard to do so
E. Formenti, L. Manzoni and A. E. Porreca
Fixed Points and Attractors of Reaction Systems
9.30-9.55 S. Broda, A. Machiavelo, N. Moreira and R. Reis
On the Equivalence of Automata for KAT-expressions
A. Kawamura, N. Th. Müller, C. Rösnick and M. Ziegler
Smoothness+epsilon: Real Complexity on Gevrey’s Hierarchy
Jiamou Liu
The Ramsey Degrees of Ordinals Below ωω
M. De Smet and A. Weiermann
Phase transitions related to the pigeonhole principle
B. Nagy and Z. Kovács
On Special 5′ → 3′ Sensing Watson-Crick Finite-State Transducers
10.00-10.25 L. Mignot, N. Ouali Sebti and D. Ziadi
An Efficient Algorithm for the Equation Tree Automaton via the k-C-Continuations
M. Schroeder and V. Selivanov
Hyperprojective Hierarchy of qcb0-Spaces
L. Patey
On combinatorial weaknesses of Ramseyan principles
S. McGregor
Natural Descriptions and Anthropic Bias: Extant Problems In Solomonoff Induction
Jian-Jun Shu
Quaternion Approach to DNA Sequence Alignment
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
  Special Sessions
Room A Room B Room C
Computational Linguistics History and Philosophy of Computing Computability

Frédérique Segond

Transforming data to satisfy hunger of the new knowledge era

Marco Benini and Federico Gobbo

Algorithms and Their Explanations

Rachel Epstein

Lowness and automorphisms of the c.e. sets


Frank Drewes

Graph Transformations for Computational Linguistics

James Power

An early completion algorithm: Thue's 1914 paper on the transformation of symbol sequences

Iskander Kalimullin

Limitwise monotonicity in the linear orderings

12.30-14.00 Lunch
  Contributed talks
Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E
14.00-14.25 M. Zimand
Short lists with short programs in short time - a short proof
A. Sarafopoulos
The Undecidability of the Inverse Problem for Iterated Function Systems
L. Patey
The complexity of satisfaction problems in Reverse Mathematics
Ch. Engström and S. Silvestrov
A PageRank algorithm based on the structure of the graph
M. Carl
Algorithmic Randomness for Infinite Time Register Machines
14.30-14.55 L. Brown Westrick
Effective Dimension in Subshifts
J. Cabessa and A. Villa
On Interactively Computable Functions
S. Sanders
Continuity, intuitionism, and higher-order Reverse Mathematics
R. Miller, R. Solomon and R. M. Steiner
On the Effectiveness of Symmetry Breaking
G. Manis
A Randomized Algorithm for Faster Computation of Sample Entropy
15.00-15.25 B. Corominas-Murtra
On the simplest transmission of meaning between autonomous agents
I. Georgiev
Characterization Theorem for the Conditionally Computable Real Functions
J. Van der Meeren
The Reverse Mathematics of Gap-sequences
S. Ivanov, E. Pelz and S. Verlan
Small Universal Petri Nets with Inhibitor Arcs
T. Herendi and R. Major
Random number generation on FPGA-s
15.30-16.00 Coffee break


Wolfgang Thomas

Logic and Automata


Invited talk

Alessandra Carbone

Conservation and co-evolution: from sequence analysis to protein-protein interactions

18.00-19.00 Women in Computability workshop