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Wednesday June 25




Wolfgang Thomas

Logic and Automata



Peter Grünwald

Universal Prediction

11.00-11.30 Coffee break
  Special Sessions
Room A Room B Room C
Online algorithms Computability Bio-inspired computation

Rob van Stee

Online bin packing: the latest news

Andy Lewis

Digital morphogenesis via Schelling segregation

Harold Fellermann

Chemical Production and Molecular Computing in Programmable Bioreactors


Adi Rosen

Online Computation with Advice

Keng Meng Ng

Diamond embeddings and minimal pairs in the r.e. truth table degrees

Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom

Graph Polynomials Motivated by Gene Rearrangements in Ciliates

13.00-14.30 Lunch
  Contributed talks
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14.30-14.55 M. T. Godziszewski and D. Kalociński
Computational Hardness of Mathematical Concepts and Algorithmic Learnability
D. Cenzer and F. Adams
Computability and Categoricity of Ultrahomogeneous Structures
A. Alhazov, B. Aman, R. Freund and Gh. Paun
P Systems with Matter and Anti-Matter 
M. Yanchev
Decsription Logic with part restrictions: PSPACE-complete expressiveness
M. Fiske
Toward a Mathematical Understanding of the Malware Problem
15.00-15.25 N. Dershowitz and E. Falkovich
Generic Parallel Algorithms
R. Dimitrov, V. Harizanov, R. Miller and K.J. Mourad
Isomorphisms of Non-Standard Fields and Ash's Conjecture
Kevin Xu
The Enterprise-Participant Data Model, an Untyped Recursive Language Semantically Approximating the Lambda Calculus
S. Zak
Inherent logic and complexity
A. Kolokolova and R. Nizamee
Approximating optimal solution structure with edit distance and its applications
15.30-16.00 Break
Afternoon Excursion, conference dinner