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Special Sessions


History and Philosophy of Computing

organizers: Liesbeth de Mol, Giuseppe Primiero

Invited speakers:

  • Marco Benini and Federico Gobbo: Algorithms and Their Explanations
  • James Power: An early completion algorithm: Thue's 1914 paper on the transformation of symbol sequences
  • Jacqueline Leon: Early Machine Translation: integration and transfers between computing and the language sciences
  • Graham White: Pluralism Ignored

Computational Linguistics

        organizers: Maria Dolores Jiménez-López, Gábor Prószéky

  • Invited speakers:
  • Leonor Becerra Bonache: How can Grammatical Inference contribute to Computational Linguistics?
  • Henning Christiansen: Constraint Logic Programming for Resolution of Relative Time Expressions
  • Frank Drewes: Graph Transformation for Computational Linguistics
  • Frédérique Segond: Transforming data to satisfy hunger of the new knowlege era

Computability Theory

organizers: Karen Lange, Barbara Csima

  • Invited speakers:
  • Rachel Epstein: Lowness and automorphisms of the c.e. sets
  • Iskander Kalimullin: Limitwise monotonicity in the linear orderings
  • Andy Lewis: Computing Nash equilibria
  • Keng Meng Ng: Diamond embeddings and minimal pairs in the r.e. truth table degrees

Bio-inspired Computation

organizers: Marian Gheorghe, Florin Manea

  • Invited speakers: 
  • Harold Fellermann: Chemical Production and Molecular Computing in Programmable Bioreactors (with Natalio Krasnogor)
  • Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom: Graph Polynomials Motivated by Gene Rearrangements in Ciliates (with Robert Brijder)
  • Lars Wienbrandt: The FPGA-based High-Performance Computer RIVYERA for Applications in Bioinformatics
  • Claudio Zandron: Using Membrane Features to Compute

Online Algorithms

organizers: Joan Boyar, Csanád Imreh

  • Invited speakers:
  • Kim Skak Larsen: Beyond Competitive Analysis - why and how
  • Adi Rosen: Online Computation with Advice
  • Jiri Sgall: Online bin packing: Old algorithms and new results
  • Rob van Stee: Online bin packing: the latest news

Complexity in Automata Theory

organizers: Markus Lohrey, Giovanni Pighizzini

  • Invited speakers:  
  • Artur Jez: Solving compressed (membership) problems by recompression
  • Christos Kapoutsis: Predicate Characterizations in the Polynomial-Size Hierarchy
  • Martin Kutrib: Complexity of Operation Problems
  • James Worrell: On the Ultimate Positivity Problem for Linear Recurrence Sequences